Farming As A Service (FAAS)

We send a team to manage your indoor farm operations.

What you get with FAAS:

  • Master farmers
  • Farmer training
  • S.O.P. development
  • Data management
  • Farm operations

How FAAS works

Fully-operational farming at the push of a button.

At Cultivatd we do 2 things. We sell vertical farms, and we operate vertical farms.

Farming As A Service is exactly what it sounds like; a complete management solution for your vertical farm. We send in a team of experts, on-site, capable of operating and managing your farm from seeds to harvest.

Depending on the farm type, the farm size and the length-of-stay needed we can send up to 2 people for stints varying from 1 month to permanent partnerships.

Our team is capable of operating large-scale commercial farms and handling all aspects of farm management including:

  • Overall Farm Management
  • Scheduling / Training of harvest team
  • SOP development & Auditing
  • IPM Strategies & implementation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Software Management (Artemis, Canobi or
  • Reporting and data management
  • Complete access to our Expert Network of Consultants.
  • Sales support for production
  • Supply management

We can quote this service when we are quoting your farm setup so be sure to ask for FAAS if you are not planning on being the primary operator of your farm.


Frequently asked questions

Why Do I Need FAAS?

Many clients are only looking for the food production coming out of their farms and our service is designed to help minimize waste and maximize return on investment. By having a team of experts (typically 2 farmers) on site, we help ensure your production volume is in line with your ROI.

How much does it cost?

We quote FAAS on a monthly retainer typically in 1 month, 3 month or 1 year blocks. After that time, we would re-assess the partnership, or train someone from your location to take over operations. Each quote is different, but the minimum retainer is $5,000 a month on top of the Operator’s salary.

Can you operate a farm in country X?

We have operated farms in Europe and North America already and have a team of farmers able to travel for work if needed. We work with groups who understand work visas and help us figure out how long we can stay and under what terms.

Can you operate the farm forever?

Sure. Typically in a case like this, we would want some sort of equity-based partnership in the returns of the farm. We have explored permanent partnerships with some of our technology providers so we are open to the idea.

Can you just train someone to replace FAAS?

Yes. We have partnerships with several of our agtech farm companies where we will train your team to take over the operation. This is much more involving than simply a few days of training. We go to your location for up to 30 days, turn on your farm, get you operating and then can handle support and consulting through our team of experts.

Can I just get you to consult?

Yes. We have a team of experts over at that can be retained on a monthly basis to help you get your farm up-and-running. 

How big does my farm have to be?

There is no minimum size for FAAS – although we recommend a farm that produces roughly 500,000 lbs per year of food in order to make it viable. If your farm is smaller than that, we can recoomend a monthly retainer or a consultant to help.



We start by making sure your farm operation is large enough to support an on-site team. Typically this would be about 500,000 lbs of production per year.



We work out a contract that includes the length-of-stay for our farmers. This allows us to find the right asset to move to your location.


Onboarding / Knowledge Transfer

Our team can get your farm started, train you and then hand over the keys if you prefer.


Monthly Oversight

Our team can help monitor your farm from afar with our central support team of experts. Monthly retainers available and access to our eentire group of experts.