How do our brokerage services work?

Cultivatd’s services have been designed to identify and address all your indoor farming needs.

To give your indoor farm the best chances of success, we offer you our expertise in farm design, farming operations, growing techniques, marketing and sales.

Drawing from these varied areas of industry experience:

1. We help you determine your specific farm needs.

2. We deliver a complete summary of your indoor farming options.

3. We work with you to get the best prices from our industry partners.

Utilize our years of hands-on experience and industry-specific expertise to save yourself time, money, and frustration when building your indoor farm.



In our initial meeting with you, we discuss your farming goals and the details of your indoor farm project.


Product/Service Recommendations

Based on your requirements and our hands-on experience, we recommend products or services that match your performance needs. Then, we review all your options and help you make the best decision.


Quoting and Contracts

When you have decided which AgTech or AgServices are an ideal fit for your endeavour, we introduce you to our partners and begin building your indoor farm.


Implementation and Training

Once your project is complete, we can help you manage operations through Farming As A Service, connect you to an expert farmer, or train you on how to operate your new farm.

How does Cultivatd add real value to your indoor farming project?

We are a team of indoor farmers with decades of expertise and a shared commitment to the betterment of indoor agriculture farming. We combine our expert knowledge of product development, farm operations, and agriculture technology (AgTech) to ensure your project is a resounding success.

Discover how we save you time, money, and frustration.


Technology That Fits

When building an indoor farm, there are a lot of technologies to choose from; industry-specific and otherwise. You can depend on us to help guide you through this key decision-making process.

Farm Planning

If you need expert guidance with engineering and farm design, we have the right partners to help.

Farming As A Service (FaaS)

Whenever needed, we can deploy a team of expert farmers to operate your farm or offer operational support.

Access to Expert Farmers

We grant you access to experts in every segment of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Get the support you need to succeed.


Team Training

Our expert staff will deliver a training program that trains your team to successfully undertake day-to-day farm operations.

Operational Support

Manage the responsibilities of your indoor farm with the help of our central support team.

Hybrid Systems

To meet your exact farm/crop requirements, we can integrate more than one technology partner into your farming system.


Our partnerships can help you get the funding or investment you need to start your indoor farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Step one is to contact us by completing our intake form HERE. Once you have completed and submitted the form, a member of our team will contact you with important information.

How small can your projects be?

We don’t have a minimum size. In fact, we have several partners that offer equipment for growing in your home. Our team is capable of connecting you to the right AgTech solution, no matter the project size.

How much does your service cost?

Our core service – Brokering – is always no-cost to you. We earn a project value commission from our partners only when a project moves forward.

Do you work in any country around the world?

We do. This depends upon the solution required and our partners’ ability to deliver. To date, we have worked on projects in Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Will you run a farm/facility for me?

Yes we can. We call this Farming as a Service. Please, visit our FaaS page for more information.