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Our technology advisors and farm managers are dedicated to supporting your indoor farming journey with accurate information and solutions tailored to fit your business goals and needs.

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Supporting growers, guiding investors, and connecting innovators.

The Cultivatd network is dedicated to success for growers and the advancement of indoor farming technology. Through our specialized business divisions, we help farmers avoid pitfalls and navigate the space with comprehensive support and guidance.

With deep industry experience and insight, our Technology Advisors will work with you to understand your goals and offer unbiased equipment recommendations tailored to your objectives, maximizing ROI with efficient farm technology solutions.

Our Farming-as-a-Service Team supports you throughout your vertical farming journey. From training and regulatory compliance to complete operational management, we empower you to focus on your expertise while we handle the rest.

For investment opportunities, our Business Team guides you through the dynamic indoor farming landscape. We navigate projects and IP offerings, ensuring your investments align with high-potential ventures.

Trust your indoor farming venture to Cultivatd, a passionate network of Technology Partners dedicated to your indoor farming success, as we shape the future of indoor farming together.

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Backed by over 40 partnered company’s across the agtech space, working with Cultivatd gives you access to the extensive resources our diverse partner network provides. Together with our partners, we are advancing the CEA industry, delivering cutting-edge technology and consulting services.

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