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Vertical Farming Brokers

Cultivatd is your AGTech Broker

Our approach is simple; we connect buyers and sellers to facilitate the purchase and sale of indoor farms, vertical farming technology, and/or agriculture services, at the best price possible. We offer this service at no-cost to indoor farmers, farm operators, and investors.

Type of projects

Commercial Greenhouses

We help launch your project.

Container Farms

We help launch your project.

Vertical Farming

We help launch your project.


We help launch your project.

We work with leading Ag-tech companies forging new opportunities for operators and leaders that demonstrate success.

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Cultivatd is proud to be the title sponsors for The Vertical Farming Podcast, Season 3.

Your farm, in the right hands

  • Services are free
  • Catered to your project
  • Expert training

We are a small team of indoor farming experts that can combine our knowledge of product development, indoor farming operations and technology to ensure your project is a success.

The Cultivatd team is standing by to help you figure out your next steps in the industry. From small, local farms to large commercial-scale production, start here.
Eric Bergeron, Managing Partner, Cultivatd