— Cultivatd, a leading provider of indoor farming solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Seasony, an innovative robotics automation and monitoring platform for vertical farms. The partnership between Cultivatd and Seasony will help growers improve profitability and scalability of their farms’ through mobile robotics automation, powerful data capture and analytics. Both companies share a commitment to sustainability and efficiency by delivering solutions that address the unique challenges faced by indoor growers around the world.

With access to Seasony’s Watney modular automation platform, Cultivatd can better help growers looking to streamline their farm operations, maximize their yields, optimize resource usage, and achieve efficiency goals with greater precision and confidence.“By joining forces with Seasony, Cultivatd offers growers operational efficiency with a unified platform and robust equipment” said Eric Levesque, CEO of Cultivatd. “Our combined strengths will enable growers to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture while promoting sustainable practices and higher yields.”

“It’s a new wave in vertical farm automation” Seasony CEO, Christopher Weis Thomasen points out “Seasony is creating a flexible automation alternative, to support repetitive and dangerous human tasks without the need to invest in costly conventional automation solutions.”

Cultivatd is a pioneering indoor agtech company dedicated to transforming the landscape of agriculture through innovative solutions. With a focus on vertical farming technology and farm management services, Cultivatd empowers growers to produce high-quality crops in any environment. By merging cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, Cultivatd is at the forefront of shaping the future of farming.

Seasony is a robotics automation platform that improves scalability, profitability, and sustainability of indoor farms. With the autonomous mobile robot ”Watney,”; we automate core processes in vertical farms and provide growers with valuable data insights.