Container Farm

Whether you’re an experienced farmer scaling up your operation or starting a new venture, container farms offer all the latest agtech innovation in an all-in-one package.

Imagine having your own customized farm that fits your space and needs perfectly. Ideal for remote and  urban areas, container farming allows you to add, stack, and rearrange your farms as your business grows.

Container farms provide a controlled environment that minimizes risks associated with the introduction and spread of pests and disease without the need for chemical pesticides. Cultivate an array of crops, from leafy greens to strawberries, all residue-free, ready-to-eat straight from your farm!

With prices starting around $150K(USD) for a purpose-built complete turnkey plant growth system that can easily be shipped anywhere, your road to becoming a farmer is within reach.


Capitalizing on global transportation standards, shipping containers have presented themselves as the ideal mobile farm. Container farms can be moved and stacked together to accommodate farm growth and expansion.


Large enough to support the agriculture needs of hundreds of people, shipping container farms are available in 10', 20', and 40' lengths. Their spacious interiors offer a central walking path with growing areas at arm’s length on each side. Container farms are tall enough to support vertical farming on multiple levels, and turnkey systems can include complete prep and harvesting facilities built-in.


Used containers are plentiful, and new containers are being mass-produced and have pricing that is predictable. Also, many of the components of a container farm can be re-purposed from other industries, making them readily available and easy to acquire.


A combination of protection against the elements, and a perfectly controlled environment allow for consistent and reliable production and yields. Because of its protection against adverse weather, containers and indoor farming systems can provide resilience for food supply, ensuring food is consistently available.


People get into vertical farming for different reasons. Some are passionate about sustainable agriculture and finding new ways to grow food, and for many, making money is the driving-force behind their investment in farming technology and indoor farming ventures. This makes choosing the right equipment, employing the right techniques, and being saavy in your market most important.


Container farming uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture.


A controlled environment reduces the need for the use of harsh inputs such as pesticides.


Local, indoor produce reduces the impact of equipment for harvest and transportation. Less time on the road also means less produce wasted.


Placing crops indoors allows farmers to re-purpose farm land for other uses, helping diversify our production.


Local means less time in a truck and more time in your fridge.


Stacking plants vertically in a container farm can produce up-to 5 times their footprint.


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