Join us for a thought-provoking interview on The Reality of Large Scale Vertical Farming with our special guest, Samuel Bertram, CEO and Co-Founder of OnePointOne Hosted by VPO Erika Parente from Cultivatd, this interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in making things happen in sustainable agriculture. 🌿

💡 Key Highlights: Discover the story behind OnePointOne (OPO), a trailblazing agtech company at the forefront of large-scale vertical farming. Sam will share insights into the mission, vision, and groundbreaking technologies that have propelled OPO to the forefront of the industry.

💰 Raising Rounds of Funding: Join us as we uncover the realities of raising rounds of funding for vertical farming ventures. We’ll shed light on the challenges faced as companies progress from one funding round to the next, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike.

🌱 Direct-to-Consumer Brand: You’ll learn about Willo a direct-to-consumer produce brand by OnePointOne. Samuel reveals the strategies and operational considerations behind running a D2C brand in the highly competitive produce market.

It’s a revealing conversation whether you are new to the industry or deep into it and wondering what the path of your peers looks like! Check it out here:


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