Following the success of the inaugural event in 2020, Southern Africa’s agricultural leaders, technology innovators, farmers, researchers and policy makers will once again meet in-person at Africa Agri Tech to exchange ideas and encourage greater utilization of science and technology to improve agricultural practices. We’ll be there too.

What a pleasant and informative surprise the initial AAT Expo/Conference turned out to be! Incredible to see the development in agricultural technology, the level of discourse in the topical debates, and the general positive sentiment, despite the headwinds that we face. What a resilient and determined bunch of people in this sector!

Dr John Purchase, CEO, Agricultural Business Chamber

For this year’s event (2022), the sectors in focus include:

  • Agri Products & Agribusinesses
  • AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things & Smart Devices
  • Cold Chain, Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Drones, Geolocation, GPS, Mapping & Satellites
  • Farm Management
  • Fertilizers, Irrigation & Agri Inputs
  • Financial Services & Insurance for farmers, assets, livestock
  • Forecasting & Monitoring
  • Novel Farming, Hydroponics & Urban Farming
  • Waste Management

Africa Agri Tech provides an opportunity for Agri-Tech leaders from across the globe to join the Southern African agricultural community in exploring technological and scientific advances aimed at helping agribusinesses maximize output and increase profitability. Our staff is attending the event and looking forward to reviewing the latest trends, innovations, and discoveries in agricultural science and technology, and discussing their immediate and future impact on agriculture.

If you’re attending Africa Agri Tech at Sun Arena – Time Square in Pretoria, South Africa August 29 to September 2 2022, and you would like to discuss how Cultivatd can help you plan, build, and operate your indoor farm, meet Eric, Jamie, and Adam at BOOTH [TBD] or contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting at the event.


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