Value Add

Our Farm Start-up Service ensures new indoor farming facilities are set up properly and ready for production from the start. We help you bypass the indoor farming “learning curve” so you can get to growing healthy crops faster.

Dedicated Team

We employ a team of highly trained indoor farmers who travel around the world to get farms ready for production. We assure you, your farm is in good hands!

Knowledge Transfer

A full knowledge transfer will be provided to the head grower and farm staff before our team departs your facility. This includes training on the system, production and SOPs.

How It Works

Our farmers are trained on a variety of systems. Once onsite, our team will set up system levels, establish SOPs, and work through your first harvest. Once the system is operating efficiently, our farmers will provide a full knowledge transfer to the head grower and other farm staff. We can also assist with onboarding and training new farmers and staff if needed.

Typically, we deploy two onsite farming experts to start up a new facility. However this may vary based on the crop, size and complexity of your facility. Click the Request a Service button to get an accurate quote.


System Set-Up

Setting system levels and providing supply management recommendations for proper crop and water management.

Crop Testing

Testing the farm system to support the first harvest and correct any issues impacting crop growth.

Operational Training

Operational training on SOPs, farming system and crop management for farm staff.