Risk Capital Supporting All Aspects of CEA

How Financing Works

Our comprehensive financing platform includes an Agriculture Technology (AgTech) brokerage, Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), and Risk Capital fund, that supports all aspects of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) projects; individually or collectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lease equipment?

No. But, our good friends at Contain.ag do. We simply provide you with the quote, the technology to choose from, and the relationship. 

Can you help me find funding?

Yes. Depending on your location and need – we have people capable of helping you secure the funds needed to get started in vertical farming. 

Can I invest in one of your projects?

Yes. We connect investors to projects so please reach out and speak to our team.


CEA Funding

Equity funding for projects related to leafy greens, herbs, and new food products with a high profit margin.

Venture Funding

Funding for AgTech startups and Cultivatd technology partners’ expansion.

Venture Funding (IP)

Funding for IP development in the CEA industry.