We grow partnerships
that yield success.

We match your project with the right indoor farm technology – saving you time and money.

  • Align your needs with the right technology fit for your project.
  • No-cost brokerage service – fees paid by our partners.
  • Expert guidance for every stage of your project.

How we work

We help you enter the marketplace.

Cultivatd is designed to be a one-stop shop for your indoor farming needs.

Our team are experts in farm design, operations, growing and marketing / sales so we have the knowledge to help you get into this marketplace.

Not every technology is right for every solution and we guide you through finding the best fit.

We work with you to get quotes from our partners (sometimes multiple quotes) and give you a compleete understanding of the options in fron of you.




Initial meeting to discuss wants and needs for your project.


Product Reviews

We work to find which partner’s product is a match for your needds – and review with you to help make a decision.


Quote & Contracts

Once a decision has been made, we introduce you directly to our partner and they work to get your farm ready to build.


Implementation / Training

Once your farm is built, we can help you manage operations through Farming As A Service, connect you to a consultant or train you on how to operate your new farm.

How we add value to your project

We are a small team of indoor farming experts that can combine our knowledge of product development, indoor farming operations and technology to ensure your project is a success.


Technology Fit

Ther aree a lot of technologies to chose from. We help guide you through this.

Installation Planning

We have consultants capable of helping with engineering and farm dessign.

Farming As A Service

We can send a team to operate your farm or offer support.

Access to Experts

With Cultivatd you have access to experts in every facet of CEA to back you up as you move forward.


Team Training

We can train your team to operate your farm succesfully.

Operational Support

Cultivatd can help you manage your farm from a central support team.

Hybrid Systems

We can merge more than 1 technology partner into your farm system to meet your exact needs.


We have partnerships to help you get the funds neceessary to start your farm.

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 is to reach out to use by filling out our intake form (HERE). Someone from our team will reach out directly and we will direct you the rest of the way.

How small can your projects be?

We don’t have a minimum size – in fact we have several partners that have equipment for your home. Our team is capable of connecting you to the right solution no matter the project size.

How much does your service cost?

Our core service of Brokering is always free. We earn a commission on the value of a project only when it move forward – and from our partners.

Do you work in any country around the world?

We do. Depending on the solution needed and the partners ability to deliver. We have already worked on projects in Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and North America. 

Will you run a farm/facility for me?

Yes we can. We call this service Farming As A Service so please visit our page called FAAS.