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The host of Vertical Farming Podcast – Harry Duran welcomes Eric Levesque, Cultivatd’s co-founder and VP of Business Development and Sales, to the show. Eric shares how his passion for making connections, building new relationships, and bonding with people, motivates him to sell “something to heal the world.”

Currently, we are experiencing a water shortage across the globe, there is scarcity of arable land, and with population growth of 50% by 2050 we need to grow 100% more food. When COVID-19 hit, it brought heightened awareness to the demands on food supply, food chains, and access to fresh food. The fact that this opened people’s eyes has been good for the industry and its growth.

Something like this pandemic sheds light on what the world needs in terms of fresh supply of food.

Eric Levesque, Cultivatd’s co-founder and VP of Business Development and Sales

The rising interest in vertical farming has led to “infinite inquiries” from three types of clients:

  1. An individual tired of the 9 to 5, looking to break into the industry, and has a passion to do good.
  2. Traditional AG.
  3. Mega-Corporations funding big projects; i.e. grocery chains.

FUN FACT: Cultivatd co-founder Eric Bergeron purchased the first freight farm in Canada.

In the podcast, Eric delivers deeper insight into Cultivatd’s partnerships with 40 of the industry’s leading companies, and shares why Cultivatd provides their unbiased opinions and recommendations for FREE. So, if you’re starting a vertical farm and don’t know where to begin, or which technology will suit your needs, Cultivatd prepares you for everything from growing to sales and marketing.

To hear more about Eric’s thoughts on the need for indoor and outdoor AG to coexist and what the future holds for Cultivatd and the AgTech industry, listen to Lending Farmers a Helping Hand with Eric Levesque on Vertical Farming Podcast.