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The challenges of tomorrow need to be solved today.

As the effects of climate change unfold in front of our eyes, we are a new generation of forward-thinkers prepared for the challenges upon us today and advancing the technology and techniques necessary to secure fresh, nutritious food production in the decades to come. As planetary changes challenge and disrupt our way of life, vertical farming is about to change the way we approach feeding an increasing global population (+ 2B over the next 30 years – United Nations)

Cultivatd plays a pivotal role in driving the mission of transforming the future of agriculture through innovation and sustainability. Our staff contributes their unique talents and dedication to make a positive impact in the world of indoor farming and technology.

From our experienced indoor ag business and technology advisors, to our passionate team of growers and support staff, each person at Cultivatd brings their enthusiasm and expertise to the table.

It’s this collaborative spirit that fuels our commitment to helping growers and advancing sustainable practices through vertical farming.

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Co-Founder, CEO

As the former Vice-President of Business Development at ZipGrow, our CEO leads the Sales and Partner Relationship Team.

With a deep understanding of the business of vertical farming, Eric carefully assesses and recommends the most suitable technology solutions for our clients.


Co-Founder, COO

With experience in growing, product innovation and design, Eric leads our partner selection, technology assessments, and FaaS business models.

Eric is a serial entrepreneur with three AgTech startups exited prior to founding Cultivatd.



We’re indoor farmers that operate our own farms as well as investment farms on behalf of our clients. Let our years of experience help you navigate the uncertainty, conflicting information, and hype….

More than just industry leading equipment, Cultivatd helps resourceful growers like you cut through the weeds with targeted information and recommendations that match your unique project.

Get growing the right way, right away, with Cultivatd!

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Indoor Farming Made Easy!


With over a decade of pioneering experience in the indoor ag space, our co-founders, Eric Levesque and Eric Bergeron, had organically built a global network of leading CEA pioneers by 2021. As interest in vertical farming grew, so has the proliferation of misinformation, indirect comparisons, and sensational claims. The Eric’s noticed how many new growers had the odds stacked against them from the start, pigeonholed into the wrong, one-size-fits-all equipment.

Cultivatd is born out of a commitment to providing growers with reliable data, engaged support, and optimal recommendations to fit YOUR goals and parameters, not the other way around.

Learn more about Cultivatd from Eric Levesque here:

We are a proud member of the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) – the leading, global non-profit organization raising awareness for the vertical farming industry. Follow AVF for the latest news, information, and spotlights about the resourceful people and resilient solutions helping the world meet the food security challenges of today and tomorrow.

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The Cultivatd Team specializes in indoor farm management, technology, and verification projects across the globe. Come work with the most advanced indoor plant growth systems available.

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