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De-risk your indoor farming venture and capital investment with The AgTech Business Team at Cultivatd.

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We are building the most vertically integrated agtech business on earth.

Cultivatd has over a decade of continuous vertical farming business experience. We are leading the way in the new era of industry investment – securing transactions, building a deeply-committed network of ethical business partners, and most-importantly, positioning our clients for success with some serious insight.

In today’s economic climate, Cultivatd’s Business Team gives growers and investors a big advantage, with the latest information, financing possibilities, business opportunities, and project diversity in the world.

Always working for you – our company is here to provide you with an improved starting-point for your indoor agtech plans.

When you want to invest in the most innovative and promising companies in the space – Cultivatd has the sight-lines and connections to put you in the fast-lane to success.

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Equity funding for client projects.

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Invest in one of our projects...

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We can help you invest in technology.

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Cultivatd provides comprehensive auditing and due diligence services to get you clarity, fast!



Cultivatd is an experienced third-party data verification specialist. We perform third-party testing and analysis for manufacturers promoting their technology, investors performing due-diligence, and growers looking to record and optimize their farms. Our vertical farm technology audits provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to let you know what you are getting into before going all-in! 

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Vertical Farm Technology Audits_Third Party_Due Diligence
ESG concept of environmental, social and governance. Sustainable corporation development. long-term sustainability and societal impact of companies, organizations, and investments.


Investing in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has become increasingly important in today’s business landscape. As we face pressing global challenges such as climate change and food security, the opportunities for sustainable investments are expanding. Vertical farming, with its innovative approach to agriculture, presents a compelling investment opportunity that aligns with ESG values. By combining cutting-edge technology, resource efficiency, and local food production, vertical farming addresses key environmental and social concerns while offering attractive financial prospects.

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Starting a vertical farm business is a significant investment – our AgTech Business Team is here to support you in finding the financial resources you need.

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Finance Your Plan
ESG Investor Services - Indoor Vertical Farm Technology Auditing and Due Diligence


Looking to secure grant funding for your CEA projects? We specialize in crafting persuasive grant proposals tailored specifically for the indoor farming industry. Our experienced grant writers combine their deep understanding of the CEA landscape to create compelling narratives that resonate with the funders and government bodies on your behalf.

With an understanding of your project’s objectives, our Team will research and present a data-driven case for funding, then design and customize your proposal to stand out among the competition.

With our support, you can navigate the complexities of grant applications with ease and maximize your chances of securing the funding you need. Trust us to translate your CEA vision into a persuasive outline that captivates funders and opens doors to new opportunities.


We help clients and partners articulate their goals, outline project plans, and present a compelling case to your audience.

Tailoring proposals to specific target audiences is key for success. We adapt data and content format to meet the requirements and expectations of different types of stakeholders, whether they are investors, government agencies, or grant providers. Our expertise allows us to highlight the economic viability, environmental benefits, or technological innovations of vertical farming projects, ensuring that proposals resonate with the intended audience. Through a collaborative effort, we create well-crafted proposals that communicate the value proposition of your initiative(s), increasing its chance of securing support and funding.

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Winning Vertical Farm Proposals


Yes it is!

With a well-developed business plan and efficient operations, indoor farming has proven to be a rewarding venture for thousands of agricultural entrepreneurs worldwide for decades, and, with global pressures on several fronts, has been experiencing exponential growth, attracting more individuals to the space than ever.

When the right technology is coupled with the right crops, scale, market demand, and production cost, is an excellent source of revenue and return all year long!

Trends, patterns, and traits have emerged as the industry matures, with successful growers learning from others’ mistakes while focusing on several key priorities.


Select crops that are in high demand and can be sold at a premium price. Popular options include leafy greens, herbs, and specialty crops.


Optimize your farming system to minimize inputs such as water, electricity, and labor costs. This can be achieved through the use of energy-efficient lighting, automation, and other technologies and techniques.


By selling your produce directly to consumers through farmers markets, online stores, or other channels, you can increase your profits by cutting out intermediaries.


Consider expanding your market by selling to restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that may be interested in locally-grown produce.


Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in vertical farming, and continuously experiment to find new ways to improve your operation and increase profitability.


For larger ventures, offtake agreements are the best way for growers to a secure market for your produce and ensuring steady demand. Partnering with buyers like restaurants, grocery stores, or distributors helps establish long-term contracts and a loyal customer base.


Yes – We have partners that specialize in equipment leasing and used equipment purchase.

Yes. Depending on your location and need – we have people capable of helping you secure the funds needed to get started in vertical farming.

Yes. We connect investors to projects so please reach out and speak to our team.

A $5000 fully-refundable* retainer fee is charged for our business-scale advisory services.
*refunded upon system purchase

Yes we do(!) – From our Head Office in Canada, we have been advising customers and collaborating on projects in every corner of the world.

Yes. Please, visit our Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) page for more information.

We work on our client’s behalf and will find the right solution for you. If you are considering the purchase of an indoor farm system we will evaluate, audit, and negotiate the best deal for YOU – visit our GET STARTED page for more information.

Due. Diligence.

Cultivatd can take the mystery out of the numbers. Speak with AgTech Business Team before investing your money.

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Live Event Partner Spotlights

Technology Partners

In great company.

Our ethically aligned network of hand-picked technology partners are great to work with and dedicated to your success.

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The explosive growth in indoor farming has brought many competing technologies to life...

Choosing the right agtech company to work with is a big decision. Cultivatd was founded with the purpose of addressing the frustration and financial struggles that many growers face: being misled into purchasing the wrong equipment by exaggerated claims, misinformation, and miscalculated unit economics. That’s why we have formed the most diverse vertical farm technology ecosystem on the market.

As trusted third-party vertical farm technology auditors and business advisors, we have insight to the most advanced industry developments and trends. Through exposure to every type of indoor farm system available and by thoroughly evaluating partner technology and client success track-record, we collaborate with only the most responsive, dependable, and proven teams in the world.


We prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction in all our collaborations. From providing top-notch products and services to offering expert guidance and support, our partners go above and beyond to ensure that Cultivatd customers’ needs are met and expectations exceeded.

As a technology agnostic advisors, our unique position in the industry allows us to analyze, operate, and recommend competing and diverse technologies from across the industry.


  • Cultivatd works on our customer’s behalf.
  • Cultivatd solutions are comprised of the best equipment to match our client’s goals.
  • Cultivatd promotes only the most robust, efficient, and proven agtech solutions.


We collaborate with like-minded companies that share our vision of sustainable and responsible agriculture. Our technology partners are pioneers in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions designed to maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and ensure the highest quality produce.

We take pride in our carefully curated network of ethically-aligned technology partners. If you are interested in cultivating a better, more sustainable indoor agriculture industry with us, we would love to hear from you.

Join the Ecosystem!

A network of support!

Cultivatd has built a close family of the most responsive, innovative, and diverse agtech companies in the world… We can’t wait to connect you with the right people and technology!

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Media Services

Media services.

Stand out from a crop of similarity with Cultivatd's Media Services Team.

Grow Your Brand with Us!


Cultivatd has creative solutions that will help your company grab the spotlight.

The Media Services Team specializes in creating opportunities for our clients to shine. Our experienced crew handles in-person / virtual events, video production, photography, content development, webinars, podcasts, brand design, product design.

We can also moderate and participate in vertical farming panel discussions.

Grow your B2B, B2C, and D2C brand(s) faster with the Creative Team at Cultivatd.


We do events right! Cultivatd creates exceptional opportunities for CEA brands. Our dedicated Business Team connects you with the right clients and partners, while our media crew captures the excitement. Boost leads and amplify your presence with Cultivatd’s extraordinary events.

Content Development

With academic research writers and specialists ready to develop and present nuanced content relevant to our industry. Whether it’s a live-audience panel discussion, webinar, PODCAST, academic article, or report, Cultivatd can help shed light, exactly where you would like it!

Video Production and Protography

Cultivatd travels the globe documenting the technology, events, and people making news across our industry. If producing a high-profile case study, company technology overview, or event video produced to the highest-standard, our crew will help you look and sound your best.

Branding and Design Services

Cultivatd designs brands, products, proposals, and campaigns with nuance. Whether you’re just getting started or seeking to realign your current brand with the evolution of your company – we are driven to help our clients look their best!

Distinctive. Memorable. Impactful.

Amplify your brand with the creative team at Cultivatd – Talk to us about your aspirations!

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Seed to sale.

The supply chain plays a pivotal role in the success and sustainability of vertical farming, ensuring the efficient flow of resources and produce from cultivation to market.

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From sourcing consumable supplies to delivering your harvest - a strong, reliable supply chain is crucial.

Vertical farmers face the ongoing challenge of keeping their inventories on track. Anticipating demand, negotiating with suppliers, and coordinating logistics for timely deliveries requires careful planning, organization, and effective communication.

While indoor ag is sustainable, it still consumes resources… As farmers strive to minimize waste, and reduce their overall environmental impact, suppliers to our field provide options that can help your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

A well-functioning supply chain will enhance your productivity and let you focus on growing.

Help your brand shine!

Cultivatd can help you protect and display your product with packaging supplies designed with your end-user in mind.


From eco-friendly and compostable materials to convenient, reusable packaging, we cater to diverse preferences and needs.

Our packaging options include vacuum-sealed pouches, clamshell containers, and breathable bags, each designed to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of your specific crop.

Whether you’re looking for compact packaging for small quantities or bulk solutions for larger harvests and supermarkets, we’ve got you covered.

Retail Packaging
Packaging Microgreen Wholesale


Should I ship with roots on or off? Shredded or whole leaf? How much will they order this week?
Knowing what your customer preferences are requires good communication and a bit of intuition. Getting it right will make or break a long-term reliable relationship.

You will want your bulk-ordered produce to look it’s best when your customers receive it and convenient when they go to use it. Maximum shelf life is a must for some, while ease of use will develop positive sentiment with others. By using packaging that regulates temperature and humidity levels, the longevity and shelf life of the produce can be extended. It provides a protective shield against physical damage, moisture, and contaminants, ensuring the produce remains in optimal condition.

When you’re counting on repeat customers, count on Cultivatd for the freshest packaging ideas.


You’ll need to provide your plants with the essential elements they require for healthy development.

From balanced NPK formulations to specialized micronutrients, nutrient solutions are designed to promote robust root systems, vigorous foliage, and high-quality yields. Whether you are growing leafy greens, herbs, or other specialty crops, there is a precise blend that caters to the unique requirements of your crop.

Grow Media


Quality grow media offers exceptional water retention, aeration, and nutrient-holding capacity to give your leafy greens, herbs, or even fruiting crops, the ideal environment to thrive.

From coconut coir to rockwool and more, grow media will be an inventory item that you’ll want to get right.

Get Connected!

Reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable suppliers can help deliver inventory management harmony – We’ll hook you up with the best out there!

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About - Indoor Farming Grower

Farm Services


A farm services team dedicated to helping growers thrive in the vertical farming space.

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Your Partner for Vertical Farming Success.

Our Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) Team consists of experienced indoor farmers, consultants, and advisors – fully committed to your success. We understand the challenges and aspirations that growers and investors face, and have assembled a dedicated team to guide and support our client’s farming operations.

With Cultivatd by your side, you’ll have the support of a team that shares your passion, and the experience to help you foresee issues and avoid common pitfalls. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking guidance or a seasoned veteran looking to scale up, our Farm Services Team will provide tailored solutions to help your farm flourish and thrive.


Start-Up Service

Onsite farm managers to start, test, and begin production for your new indoor farming facilities.
$10kstarting at / per month
  • System Setup: Setting system levels and providing supply management recommendations for proper crop and water management.
  • Crop Testing: Testing the farm system to support the first harvest and correct any issues impacting crop growth.
  • Operational Training: Operational training on SOPs, farming system and crop management for farm staff.

Consulting Services

Custom-tailored operational and business support for growers and investors.
$120starting at / per hour
  • Industry Knowledge: A team of industry expert consultants available to answer any indoor farming related questions.
  • Dedicated Experts: Monthly retainer and project-based services available for onsite projects.
  • Flexible: Access to remote specialists from across the CEA industry for as little as one hour to discuss your questions.

"Farming-as-a-Service has been way better than expected… Cody Bourget, Cultivatd’s Director of Farm Operations, is great, and has been a saviour, guiding our team and overcoming operational hurdles we’ve experienced.”

Omar El-Sady - Future Farms, Egypt

AdaptAg Container


We work with indoor ag companies looking for experienced indoor farm managers to fully operate their facilities.

Maximizing production to ensure a quick ROI, our team is responsible for making data-driven decisions that boost your farm’s productivity and improve overall efficiency.

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Bypass the indoor farming “learning curve” and fast-track your way to growing healthy crops with farm services geared to getting your new vertical farm up and running fast!

Our dedicated team of indoor farmers provide in-depth training on the system, production techniques, and  prepare a Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outline for future referrence. Our goal is to transfer skills and insight to help you and your team effectively manage and operate the farm.

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FaaS Vertical Farming Consultants
Vertical Farm Consulting


Get the support you need, when you need it. Whether you are looking for one hour to discuss a crop failure or for a dedicated consultant on monthly retainer, we have the experts to help.

Once we have matched your request with an expert, someone from our team will send you an email with some potential meeting times and dates to kick things off! Sessions are a minimum of one hour but we are happy to schedule as much time as you need.

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We understand the complexities of navigating the technology and regulatory landscape in indoor farming. We’re here to simplify the process for you. From enterprise-scale performance testing and analyses to compliance and certification, training, SOP development, and expert guidance. We can help plan, document, and train your team to meet regulations and certifications like Global GAP.

With Cultivatd as your trusted partner, you’ll have more time and resources to focus on growing your business.


Vertical Farm Research and Testing

Conducting a thorough technology audit is crucial when it comes to investing in new vertical farm equipment. Evaluating the performance, reliability, and compatibility of different technologies ensures that you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

We specialize in technology audits for ESG investors. Our experienced team meticulously assesses the functionality, efficiency, and suitability of various technologies, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your operations. We dig deep into the intricacies of the systems, analyzing their performance, scalability, and long-term viability.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different technologies gives you the big picture and enables you to make confident choices with your investment. With the ever-evolving landscape of agtech, Cultivatd can help you choose technologies that align with your goals.


Vertical Farm Certification Training

In today’s competitive landscape, buyers are increasingly demanding certifications that demonstrate quality, sustainability, and compliance. Our expert team can guide you through the process, ensuring that your indoor farm meets the most rigorous criteria and stringent standards. By attaining these certifications, you will gain a competitive edge to lucrative offtake agreements, attract discerning buyers, who value transparency and responsible farming practices.


Vertical Farm Standard Operating Proceedure Development and Documantation Development (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure documents (SOPs) outline the best practices and procedures that employees need to follow in their daily tasks. They are essential in the technical field of indoor farming, defining the correct processes for lighting, climate control, irrigation, nutrient management, cleaning, maintenance, and pest control.

SOPs enhance productivity, efficiency, and crop quality while ensuring compliance, accountability, and clarity of employee roles. By minimizing errors, waste, and resource usage, your SOP will be promoting consistency, quality control, and effective resource management in your farm!


Are you ready to take your indoor farming skills to the next level? Cultivatd provides personalized training to help growers (and teams) build and operate a successful indoor farm.
From crop selection to operational best-practices in the management of your entire farm, you’ll gain knowledge and skills on your specific journey towards becoming a master indoor grower.


Achieving compliance as a seamless part of your operation is crucial for success. Cultivatd offers comprehensive compliance solutions tailored to your specific needs. We help you ensure your indoor farm meets all necessary requirements.
Our team of experts provides guidance, training, and support to streamline the compliance process with you.


Vertical Farm Unit Economics

Navigating the variables of unit economics in vertical farming requires a careful and informed approach. Scaling up operations introduces complexities that can impact costs, yields, and market dynamics. To make reliable financial projections, it is essential to have comprehensive feasibility studies and access to real-world data.

We understand the importance of accurate information and due diligence in decision-making. As an experienced third-party data verification auditor, we offer in-depth analysis and testing of technology to ensure you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting into before committing fully.


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