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Verde Compacto

Verde Compacto.

Verde Compacto has introduced Huvster - an innovative container farm that can grow up to 5000 m2 in just 30m2 and boasts a starting price of only US$115K (USD).

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Verde Compacto - Huvster

Verde Compacto is committed to developing indoor farming systems with vertical hydroponics technology that reinvents the way consumers produce and eat fresh food. At Cultivatd, we share Verde Compacto’s commitment to making sustainable agriculture simple for everyone!

To provide an easy and affordable way to grow, sell, and consume locally grown vegetables in a sustainable way, Verde Compacto has introduced Huvster – an innovative container farm that can grow up to 5000 m2 in just 30m2 and boasts a starting price of only US$115,000.

Huvster’s high-yield hydroponic system enables indoor farm operators to grow up to 5,720 plants per cycle inside a 100% recycled 40 foot cargo container, all year long, no matter the weather or location. The standard version of the Huvster comes with 286 growing towers plus a germination site. To increase production, Verde Compacto offers an upgraded version that is fully equipped with 336 growing towers.

Whether it’s a warehouse farm or a custom container farm, Verde Compacto has designed the Huvster to maximize productivity and efficiency, while producing dependable, quality crops using a fraction of the inputs applied in other container farm technologies.



Grow up to 5,760 Plants

With 336 towers of 2.1 meters, Huvster has enough space to grow approximately 5,760 plants depending on the crop type.

Vertical Tower Modules

Drip irrigation system and LED strip lighting are engineered to support plant growth from seedling to harvest.

Starting at US$99,000

High-yield hydroponic container farm. Ideal for traditional farmers, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels.

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