We share AdaptAg’s belief that the future of farming is decentralized, local, and sustainable.

In pursuit of their goal to advance access to local, sustainably-grown food, AdaptAg offers a turn-key, solar-powered container farm that is equipped to grow different varieties of gourmet mushrooms, many of which are not available from grocers or produce suppliers. These mushroom delicacies include Yellow, Pink, Blue and King Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shitake, and more.

Why choose AdaptAg?

  • Farm starting at US$75,000
  • Hyper-local – fresher produce, reduced inventory risk
  • Fully off-the-grid – Solar power with 3 to 5 day lithium ion back-up battery
  • Made to last with components that are mold, mildew and rust proof
  • Integrated IoT sensors for remote monitoring
  • Proprietary nanotechnology
  • Potential for revenue generation in under 30 days
  • Unit is designed to scale

Need help finding a location for your mushroom farm? No problem.

To help you reduce the distance from your mushroom farm to the consumer’s table, AdaptAg has access to more than 8,000 surface parking lots around the world, with many of them located in major cities and densely populated urban areas.

This container farming solution opens the door for new entrants to the farming industry and creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs, such as restaurants and grocery stores, to showcase local produce that wows consumers and stays fresh longer.

Contact us to learn how AdaptAg can help you turn “food miles” into “food minutes”!

Partner Features

Grow Different Types of Gourmet Mushrooms

Many varieties are not available from local grocers or produce suppliers. Consistently provide high-quality ingredients for restaurant chefs and grocery stores.

Fully Off-The-Grid

Solar powered with three to five-day lithium ion back-up battery.

Get Help Finding a Location For Your Mushroom Farm

Access to more than 8,000 surface parking lots around the world; many are located in major cities and densely populated urban areas.

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