Plant nutrition combined with environmental factors and lighting are critical components to cultivating a healthy crop. We share Agnetix’s dedication to optimizing horticulture growth by providing the most efficient and intuitive horticultural lighting solutions in the world.

To enable indoor farm operators to achieve better crop outcomes with less energy use, Agnetix applies the latest advanced technology in liquid-cooled LED lighting to significantly drive down operational costs, and promote the rapid and healthy growth of indoor agriculture. The company’s lighting systems efficiently remove 100% of the light’s waste heat from the growth chamber using a simple water loop. Piped out of the room, the heat can be ejected or easily reused to warm the farm. This results in a more stable horticulture environment for better plant comfort, reduced costs, and better yields.

  • More stable and controllable environment
  • 50% less heat from light than HPS
  • 50% lower HVAC and dehumidifier loads
  • Save up to 20% on heat energy costs

The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the ZENITH lighting system. Delivering secure and real-time visibility into your grow room’s health, this intuitive dashboard provides complete lighting control and access to critical environmental and plant data. The increased visibility into current and historical performance metrics enables rapid decision-making and adjustments for healthier crops and better yields.

Partner Features


Full-spectrum or red-optimized PAR light up to 3.61μmol/J and precision dimming 100-1%, outperforming other LED lighting fixtures designed for vertical agriculture. Patented hydronics system removes 100% of the heat waste from the growth chamber.


Full-spectrum PAR light that is up to 3.34μmol/J, outperforming traditional lamps and other LED fixtures. Additionally, ZENITH is the first horticulture lighting to integrate a camera and valuable plant and environmental sensors directly into the light fixture, for ultimate canopy visibility, data analysis, and control.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Included with Agnetix's ZENITH lighting system, HMI delivers secure, real-time and historical visibility into your grow room’s health, enabling rapid decision-making and adjustments for healthier crops and better yields.


All-in-one environmental sensor that connects easily to the ZENITH and communicates seamlessly with the HMI to deliver precise readings of temperature, humidity, and CO2, as well as calculated Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Dew Point for easy crop management.

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