Our partnership with Artechno provides tailor made solutions in horticultural and vertical farming technology. Among the products available are robotics, irrigation systems, sowing solutions, and harvesting lines, as well as turnkey solutions for vertical farms.

For nearly four decades the team at Artechno have been on a quest to empower growers and horticulture businesses in their cultivation, from start to finish. Through experience, knowledge and thinking differently, Artechno engineers have discovered that the best systems are built with a focus on providing what’s best for the plant, and empowering the grower to achieve that every day.

AVF+ Junior

The AVF+ Junior is the ideal system for vertical farmers that want to research new crop growing recipes and enhance already existing recipes. It has been designed for testing the effects that growing variables like climate, light, irrigation and nutrients can have on the growth of crops.

The AVF+ Junior is available in three models: Junior 15, Junior 30 and Junior Research Facility (45 m2 to 150 m2).

AVF+ Compact

The AVF+ Compact is perfect for vertical farmers who want to start with vertical farming or want to upgrade to their vertical farm.

AVF+ Compact has been designed with a modular setup to enable simple expansion of growth surface. Growth surface starts at 240 m2 and one climate cell can expand to 960 m2.

AVF+ Factory

The AVF+ Factory is a large-scale vertical farm, equipped with multiple climate cells, automated farming processes, and optimal growing conditions. These are modularly scalable from 960 m2 to more than 20.000 m2.

Partner Features

AVF+ Junior

A vertical farming system designed for crop research and innovation/creation of growing recipes for crops that grow in a vertical farm.

AVF+ Compact

A revolutionary vertical farming system suited for the entire process of growing a wide variety of plants and crops - from seeding to harvest.

AVF+ Factory

A large-scale vertical farm, with automated farming process and optimal growing conditions.

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