Eden Green Technology

Our partnership with Eden Green provides turnkey greenhouse systems and vertical farming technology that enables you to grow locally and harvest large amounts of produce safely. Together, we offer retailers, suppliers and distributors a vertically integrated solution that produces the freshest, healthiest, and safest products for their consumers, through their own local vertical greenhouses; year-round.

Not only does this solution support efficiently scaling your efforts – using exponentially less land, energy, and water than traditional farming and other indoor options, it also shortens the supply chain, and reduces costs, while raising the bar on quality, safety, and shelf life.

Eden Green Greenhouse Hydroponic Systems

These patented turnkey greenhouse hydroponic systems grow vertically, taking up less space than traditional farms. This solution provides crops with access to 100% natural sunlight so you can grow more and waste less land, water, energy and food.

Eden Green Greenhouse Hydroponic Systems

In collaboration with Eden Green, we offer farming solutions that give countries and regions full control over their food supply. By facilitating the development of local vertical farms, we are helping populations become less vulnerable to food trade prices and policies within the global markets. For example, Eden Green’s vertically integrated solutions allow retailers, suppliers, and distributors to deliver the freshest, healthiest, and safest products to their customers, year-round.

Partner Features

Turnkey Vertical Farming Technology

Equipped with the most sustainable vertical farming technology, you can grow and harvest the highest quality produce year-round, anywhere in the world.

Introducing Greenhouse-as-a-Service

We help you build your vertical greenhouse and give you the tools to grow. You’ll harvest your first yield in less than a year.


We train and certify a hydroponic greenhouse team we've helped you hire, to grow safe food. You’ll consistently meet your demand year-round.


We provide ongoing consulting and vertical farming technology licensing to optimize your growing. We support your technology so you can stay green.


You grow and sell the highest quality greens year-round, meeting your demand with less waste. Let’s get growing.

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