Fork Farms

Working closely with Fork Farms grants us access to patented indoor vertical agriculture technology that enables people and communities to participate in the fresh, local food movement, year-round; without breaking the bank.

Using their technology as a true catalyst for social change, Fork Farms has made it their mission to unleash the power of fresh food production for happier, healthier people, across the globe.

Flex Farm

A Flex Farm is a fully self-contained vertical hydroponic system. This system is portable and requires only a standard electrical outlet and less than 10 square feet of space.

fork farms flex farm

There are educational institutions, culinary operations, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and families everywhere using Flex Farm solutions to produce harvest after harvest of nutritious vegetables, herbs, and more.

  • Commercial: With the Flex Farm, businesses can efficiently grow their own produce either for internal use or for resale.
  • Education: Schools and teachers everywhere are searching for ways to bring their classroom lessons to life.
  • Healthcare: Use the Flex Farm to grow fresh food as a part of community-wide health initiatives.
  • Home: Grow your own healthy, fresh food year-round without negative environmental impacts.
  • Nonprofits: We partner with nonprofits to use the Flex Farm to bring fresh food to those that need it most.

Fork Farms Multi-Farm

Maximize the benefits by connecting four or more Flex Farms together, with one centralized water system.

fork farms multi-farm

Multiple Multi-Farm installations can be used for commercial operations and to run a wider variety of crop types.

Partner Features

Flex Farm

These fully self-contained vertical hydroponic systems are portable, only require a standard electrical outlet, and require less than 10 square feet of space.


This modular technology significantly reduces your weekly maintenance time, while increasing your energy and nutrient efficiency.

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