Fusion Farms

Through our partnership with Fusion Farms we are offering modern, sustainable, and hurricane-protected vertical indoor aquaponics farming solutions that are powered by renewable energy and protected from outside influences, including tropical storms, harmful microbes, temperature extremes, and an unreliable power grid.

Fusion Farms building front

Using Fusion Farm’s renewable energy, harvested rainwater, and advanced agriculture techniques – like aquaponics and indoor vertical rack systems, farmers can grow a year-round, reliable, and prolific harvest of fresh leafy greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and fish. Furthermore, the Fusion Farm solution is capable of growing 9 to 12 times the annual yield of traditional farming, at 10% of the water costs.

Did You Know? Using an urban farming approach, Fusion Farms is creating a new tax base for 7.5 million square feet of vacant concrete buildings scattered throughout Puerto Rico, creating jobs for Puerto Ricans, and helping the island nation become a food sovereign territory.

Ask us about full design services for aquaponics projects – including the business plan required to achieve your objectives, the strategy to get there, and the people, processes, and resources needed to accomplish the plan. Together, we can develop comprehensive blueprints, which can be used to define your roadmap, recruit associates, share your vision with investors, and become the basis for a loan package to AgTech lenders.

Partner Features

Food Sovereignty

The right of communities to choose where and how their food is produced, as well as what food they consume.

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