Global Crop Technology

We share Global Crop Technology’s mission to provide renewable energy resources to meet the agricultural and food sustainability needs of our clients and their local communities. This approach supports growth and strengthens economic conditions.

In collaboration with Global Crop Technology (GCT), we provide a turnkey, energy-efficient indoor farming solution, from farm planning through to the design process and build. Together, we offer access to the following:

Engineering Department

Specialties include shading requirements, structural integrity, irrigation solutions, heating and cooling needs, etc.

  • Deliver the exact structural components along with the technologies required in order to fully optimize the design.
  • Complete a design build that is specific to the environmental conditions, ensuring all necessary steps to provide the highest quality and best suited infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive set of stamped engineered drawings for the project.

Production and Manufacturing

  • Change or modify structural changes to the development plan and ensure production timelines are not affected.
  • Precision manufactured structural components and materials to ensure long-lasting integrity and quality.
global crop technology services and technologies


Global Crop Technology provides a wide variety of year-round greenhouse growing solutions – including soil and non-soil systems that can be utilized in any environmental conditions. You can depend on us to deliver carefully chosen AgTech systems that are strategically implemented within each greenhouse project to ensure optimal growing yields and quality harvests.

Container Farms

Grow containers from Global Crop Technology are a portable grow room that provides the benefits of a fixed grow space at a lower cost. This turn-key, fully-operational, and automated solution delivers a rapid and efficient way to launch or expand your operation, and generate revenue in as little time as possible.

Partner Features

Commercial Greenhouses

Year-round greenhouse growing solutions - including soil and non-soil systems for any environmental conditions.

Container Farms

Portable grow room providing the benefits of a fixed grow space at a lower cost.

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