good natured®

good natured® certified compostable packaging is made from 99% plant-based material. There are no BPAs, phthalates, or other harmful additives. good natured® packaging is engineered to keep your green, red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables looking and tasting fresh.

packaging for leafy greens and microgreens

Leafy Greens and Microgreens Packaging

From your farm to table, good natured® leafy green and microgreen packaging ensures your produce stays farm-fresh. With built-in resalable snaps and a selection of tamper evident containers, this packaging delivers greens that are irresistibly fresh!

packaging for herbs

Packaging Fresh Herbs

We’ve heard that when embarking upon a culinary adventure, the general consensus is that ‘fresh is best’. good natured® durable, certified compostable plant-based packaging keeps green herbs looking vibrantly bright, super-fresh, and blemish-free.

packaging for tomatoes and berries

Berries and Tomatoes

Nestled in the good natured® vented, durable packaging with built-in snap seals, berries and tomatoes enjoy an environment that is ‘just right’; not too cold, too hot, too dry, or too humid.

We are committed to providing options to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, while making it easy and affordable to make the switch.

Partner Features

Leafy Greens and Microgreens

Deliver greens that are irresistibly farm fresh!


Keep herbs bright, fresh, and blemish-free.

Berries and Tomatoes

Provide an environment that is 'just right'; not too cold, too hot, too dry, or too humid.

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