Grow Glide

The goal of our collaboration with Grow Glide is to enable cultivators to scale their production, while letting them focus on what they do best – deliver the highest quality crops. We help growers achieve this by increasing their ROI with Grow Glide’s grower-focused vertical and mobile racks.

Air Glide System

Proper airflow is critical to growing healthy plants. When ensuring plants receive the healthy climate conditions they need to grow successfully, the Grow Glide Air Glide system effortlessly outperforms many of the other current market solutions. Unlike the industry standard, the Air Glide system has no sharp corners that inefficiently blast plants with air. The sleek, rounded-design of this system gives you more consistent airflow, ensuring each plant is growing under optimal conditions.

Grow Deck System

When operating at two, three or four tiers, safety is a top priority; always. Grow Deck’s workflow platform provides your cultivation team with the strongest multi-tier deck solution. Plus, custom-built ladders attach to each deck, reducing the risk of tripping. This provide peace-of-mind knowing cultivators can give plants the attention they need, safely on any level – even the upper levels of your commercial operation.

  • Aluminum Decks: Each aluminum and powder-coated platform weighs a maximum of 32 pounds, giving growers a robust, rust-free, and easy to manage workspace.
  • High-Grade Steel: All other parts of the Grow Deck system are built with high-grade steel, e-coated and powder-coated to guarantee maximum sturdiness, reliability, and longevity.
  • 500 LB Capacity Per Deck: Multiple team members can service the same aisle, at the same time with the peace of mind that they’re secure even on the highest tiers.
  • Custom-Fit: Grow Decks are available in lengths of 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet, with a consistent 20-inch width, and can be fit to any Grow Glide rack configuration.

Grow Glide gives growers what they need to easily and safely elevate cultivation to new heights.

Partner Features

Air Glide

AirGlide gives cultivators an air circulation system that works for their wallet, their plants, and their grow space.

Grow Deck

Efficiently service the upper levels of your commercial grow operation. Grow Decks’ one-of-a-kind, versatile design makes working on higher tiers an easier and safer.

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