HYVE Vertical Farm System

Commercial Vertical Farming System

Commercial Vertical Farming System

Vertical Farming is essentially using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments in areas that may not otherwise be conducive to either year-round growth or growth cycles that are fast enough to fully meet demand.

HYVE takes this process to a whole different level with a completely automated system that is all-inclusive and provides a complete solution for the grower.

With everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, and our own proprietary LED grow lighting to simulate natural light, HYVE Vertical Farming gives commercial growers the tools they need to produce high quality growth with optimal crop yields at cost-effective prices.

We offer modular design for easy expansion, robotics to assist in tasks throughout the growth process, and expert consultation to help growers achieve maximum crop efficiency.

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LF-ONE is a completely hydroponic growing system that is easy to assemble and use. The compact and flexible design means you can tailor construction for different growing options and grow a variety of plants indoors without the need of soil.

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