Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

The foundation of our partnership with Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is a commitment to create ideal climates for plants and people. Together, we accomplish this by providing platforms that create precision-controlled indoor growing environments for global horticulture.

By encouraging innovation, promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion, and embracing positive problem solving, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is addressing the technology-based challenges and limitations facing indoor farms. These obstacles include:

  • Scalability
  • Mechanics
  • Consumption
  • Pesticides
  • Profits

The team at Intelligent Growth Solutions is driven by a mission to engineer sustainable solutions that enhance indoor environments, across agricultural and commercial spaces. IGS’ products are repeatedly award-winning, internationally recognized as best-in-class, and have been designed to deliver dramatic productivity benefits and significantly increase efficiency.

IGS Growth Towers

If you’re in search of a solution for fully-automated year-round growing, IGS Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. Packed with capabilities, Growth Towers have a multitude of on-board technologies that encourage crops to thrive in the most ideal conditions.

  • Radical cost savings: power, installation, maintenance
  • Supports LED dimming, pulsing and colour-mixing to impact crop growth and quality
  • Significantly greater productivity: yield, quality, consistency
  • IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control of all systems
  • In-tray ventilation delivers +/-1.5°c variation across the crop
  • AI-enabled recipe experimentation and optimization
  • Designed to operate anywhere globally
  • No pesticides, no crop washing required
  • Plants monitored for reaction to recipe changes
  • Grow multiple crops or varieties per tray
  • 30%-50% faster crop cycles

This solution manages light, temperature, relative humidity, water, nutrients and CO₂ levels, and offers 100% robotic handling if required.

IGS Growth Towers

Indoor farm operators can depend on IGS’ Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) to create and maintain ideal climates for plants and indoor farming facilities. Designed with economy and simplicity in mind, this patented technology controls environmental elements – including lighting, watering, CO2 levels, and the delivery of nutrients.

Benefits to Crops

  • Germination is built in. IGS systems can germinate and propagate an ever-expanding variety of early-stage crops, including soft fruits and brassicas.
  • Quality growth cycles. Quality is exceptionally high and growth is very rapid (in the case of field crops, studies have shown growth cycles of 11 days versus a normal six weeks) which keeps costs low.
  • Controllable performance. Growth can be sped-up or slowed down, and growth recipes can be tailored to develop specific crop characteristics.
  • Minimal water use. Hydroponic growth is supported to produce crops with efficient and minimal water usage.
  • Smart growth. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities ensure that optimum data is captured and used to identify repeatable crop algorithms and continuously optimize the grow environment.

Benefits to Farms

  • 20 tonnes per year. In an IGS tower with a footprint of 40m², up to 20 tonnes of crop can be grown per annum. This is the equivalent of up to two hectares of field growing, and far more than under glass or polytunnel. *Performance will vary by crop.
  • Valuable produce. High value crops such as leafy greens, salads and herbs grow especially well in IGS systems.
  • Low carbon footprint. Quality, nutritious crops with a longer shelf life support the local supply chain and promote less wastage.
  • Location, location, location. Solutions to accommodate open ground or existing buildings; urban or rural applications.
  • Cost effective. IGS systems are highly-efficient and consume less power than competing models.

IGS systems are driven by proven precision technology that has been engineered with commercially viable agriculture at its core. These solutions are modular, highly flexible, secure, scalable, and reliable.

Intelligent Growth Solutions IGS

I am privileged to have had three decades in business during which time I have worked with some amazing people from whom I have learned a great deal. One immutable truth I have picked up is that the creation of a positive, collaborative and inclusive culture is the only way to build a winning team, scale your business and cope with the inevitable bumps in the road.

David Farquhar, CEO at Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

Partner Features

Growth Towers

Repeatedly, Growth Towers deliver significantly greater productivity: yield, quality, consistency. A multitude of onboard technologies allow your crops to thrive in the best conditions, resulting in 30% to 50% faster crop cycles.

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