Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

Ideal conditions for life.

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

The foundation of our partnership with Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is a commitment to create ideal climates for plants and people. Together, we accomplish this by providing platforms that create precision-controlled indoor growing environments for global horticulture.

The team at Intelligent Growth Solutions is driven by a mission to engineer sustainable solutions that enhance indoor environments, across agricultural and commercial spaces. IGS’ products are designed to deliver dramatic productivity benefits, and significantly increase efficiency.

IGS Growth Towers

Intelligent Growth Solutions’ Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. This solution manages light, temperature, relative humidity, water, nutrients and CO₂ levels, and offers 100% robotic handling if required.

IGS Growth Towers
Intelligent Growth Solutions IGS

Partner Features

Growth Towers

Repeatedly, Growth Towers deliver significantly greater productivity: yield, quality, consistency. A multitude of onboard technologies allow your crops to thrive in the best conditions, resulting in 30% to 50% faster crop cycles.

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