LettUs Grow

In collaboration with LettUs Grow, we’re on a mission to reduce the waste and carbon footprint that results from growing fresh produce. Together, we’re working to empower anyone, anywhere to grow delicious and healthy food, as near as possible to its point of consumption.‏‏‎

When compared to using hydroponics, LettUs Grow’s advanced aeroponic technology can grow plants up to two-times as fast, with less water, less fertilizer, and zero pesticides. This innovative approach to crop production in vertical farms can bring resilience to global food supply networks and make important contributions to the future of sustainable farming.

• Higher growth rates create a quicker turnover of your product.
• Greater control of nutrient application enables you to consistently tune crop quality.
• Because mist is applied only to the root zone, the growing medium remains dry, so there is less chance of losing profit to pests or disease.
• Reliable, year-round harvests mean you can have consistent sales projections and estimates.

We share LettUs Grow’s dedication to making vertical farming a sustainable business and to actively working with indoor farmers toward a future where affordable, healthy food can be grown and accessed locally. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow more food, with less pressure on our world, using LettUs Grow’s aeroponic indoor farming technology.

Indoor farming for a better future.

Partner Features


Innovative aeroponic technology and Ostara® control software provide everything you need to kickstart your vertical farming business and grow fresh, sustainable produce 365 days of the year.

Aeroponic Rolling Benches™

Designed to retrofit into any automated infrastructure, these units allow commercial growers to increase annual crop yields, diversify their produce, and reduce water usage on a commercial scale.


Vertical farming and greenhouse software that allows you to remotely manage your farm and improve your growing operation by collecting key insights, automating processes, and optimizing plant growth.

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