Netled (VERA®)

In partnering with Netled (VERA), we can offer you vertical farming and greenhouse solutions that deliver superior performance, as well as grant you complete control over the farming process. This ensures the best quality for your crop, and the best yield for your business.

From unique, patent-pending LED lighting, dynamic spacing, HVAC, heat recovery, and nutrition system, to automation software, project management, and horticulture intelligence, there are no compromises; everything is included and integrated.

VERA Instore

Designed specifically for in-store sales, the Vera Instore Growing Cabinets allow you to grow leafy greens and herbs within the store that customers can pick directly off the shelf.

Vera Instore

Grow ecological vegetables under your own brand. Harvest up to 300 plants each day of the year with a mid-sized Vera Instore Farm. No more withered leaves caused by long delivery distances; plants are picked where they’re grown.

VERA® Compact

The VERA® Compact is a complete package that includes all the hardware and automation necessary to get a vertical farm up and running.

Vera Compact

With the extremely space-efficient 8 meter x 6 meter Vera Compact system, you can produce 70,000 head of lettuce per year; including the plant rack, the number increases to 100,000 heads of lettuce per year. This unit works well as a proof of concept when planning for a bigger investment.

VERA® Industrial

Focused on the high-volume benefits in design and cost efficiency, the VERA® Industrial’s integrated modular design allows you to easily scale-up your farm, as your operations grow. This Industrial system has a very high level of process automation which minimizes manual labour requirements.

Vera Industrial

The Industrial system is suitable for both cannabis plants and baby leaf type production.

Partner Features

VERA® InStore

Vera Instore solutions are innovative growing systems designed specifically for in-store sales.

VERA® Compact

Developed specifically for efficient urban farming production, the VERA® Compact is extremely space efficient measuring just 8m x 6m.

VERA® Industrial

Designed specifically for large industrial farms to utilize high-volume benefits in design and cost efficiency.

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