Vertical Future

We share Vertical Future’s mission to make populations healthier and to reduce food-related inequalities. Driven by a deep passion for indoor farming and a strong desire to innovate, together we are committed to empowering people to produce high-quality, nutrient-rich crops in the most optimal, efficient, and sustainable way.

Supported by years of growing data and real-world experience, Vertical Future’s sophisticated and adaptable lighting, nutrient delivery, effective space utilization, and end-to-end automation, are eliminating the bottlenecks associated with resource-intensive vertical farms. In doing so, the company is establishing new standards of performance.

  • Lights operate across five lighting spectra (with changeable intensity) and reduce energy consumption and heat production by up to 60%.
  • When compared to other available options, Vertical Future’s effective utilization of growing space provides a 172% increase in output per m3.
  • Systems have tested on more than 200 crop varieties, including microgreens, baby leaves, whole heads, herbs, edible flowers, soft fruits, medicinal, and forage crops.

Applying full automation, energy efficiency, high-tech sensors, and full software integration, Vertical Future’s radical approach further unlocks indoor farming’s potential by challenging the unit economics of vertical farming. This approach is not conceptual. It is proven robust, and commercially viable.

Partner Features

Smart Farming with DIANA

DIANA is an advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables the control, monitor, and optimization of growing conditions. Working in partnership with thousands of sensors, DIANA improves oversight and efficiency across the entire growing environment and wider farm operations.

Advanced Growing Systems

As part of an effective overall system, Vertical Future provides in-house developed ancillary equipment - such as automated seeding, hyper-spectral imaging, tray movement, and harvesting.

Built to Last

Vertical Future systems are built to last more than 20 years - much longer for some components. Units are supported by warranties, as well as long-term planned and reactive maintenance schedules.

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