Way Beyond

WayBeyond provides an industry-leading data platform for commercial growers and their teams. Built for controlled environment agriculture, WayBeyond’s solutions help farm operators make informed decisions by harnessing real time data, artificial intelligence, and plant science.

WayBeyond FarmRoad

Get a crop management solution for the future of farming. The FarmRoad crop management software brings all your farming data together in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Some of the most exciting features include:

  • Data Studio: Collate data from multiple sources to create dashboards that deliver insights to everyone from the grower to the CEO.
  • Yield Prediction: Improve your Fill Rate. Achieve up to 95% yield prediction accuracy one to six weeks out to harvest for tomato crops.
  • Crop Registration: Streamline time-consuming manual data entry required for crop registration with the Crop Registration app.
  • Activity Feed: Track crops, improve communications and document your grow team’s activities and decisions during crop cycles.

You can depend on this innovative solution to connect all your data sources into one unified, secure platform, and use the open developer portal (with published APIs) to enjoy future technologies.

Why Choose FarmRoad?

With the help of WayBeyond, you and your team can make data driven decisions that improve yield prediction accuracy, increase profitability, and you save time. Plus, you’ll enjoy:

  • World-class customer experience
  • Personal concierge onboarding
  • Responsive technical support
  • Platform supports six languages* (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Hindi)

*additional languages can be added by request.

In collaboration with WayBeyond, we provide products for commercial growers that harness growing data, crop science, and artificial intelligence, to deliver cutting-edge solutions that improve farm management, yield prediction, crop registration and more.

Given the challenges that lie ahead in global food production, we understand that there is no one single answer, but rather it’s about how we bring everybody together.

Darryn Keiller, Founder and CEO at WayBeyond

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Folium is a next generation wireless smart sensor delivering a high density of climate data to optimize crop production and yield for large scale greenhouses.

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