Ono Exponential Farming (ONO/EF) – a design-manufacturer of advanced AI-driven, fully-autonomous, robotic farming systems, has selected Cultivatd to lead their market expansion into North and South America (The Americas). The company is confident that “Cultivatd’s deep understanding of vertical farming technology and the global AgTech business sector” will give them the immediate foothold their strategic market expansion needs.

Cultivatd partners exclusively with the most innovative and robust companies in the vertical farming space – and ONO/EF certainly meets that criteria. Our brand, business model, and sales reach offered ONO/EF’s growth strategy into The Americas a significant head-start.

Eric Bergeron, Managing Partner, Cultivatd

Although ONO/EF’s vertical farming systems are currently growing exacting-quality produce for Europe’s food industry, Giuseppe Pasciuti – ONO/EF’s Marketing strategist – says “the demand for our technology is global”. The cutting-edge solutions offered by ONO/EF are unique, modular, and scalable, enabling growers worldwide to expand production capacity according to real market demand. This approach encourages profitability.

ONO/EF’s vision to create a world where anyone can cultivate profitably, practically everything, everywhere aligns perfectly with Cultivatd’s core mission.

Eric Levesque, Managing Partner, Cultivatd

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